We are an online entrepreneurial platform aiming to generate movement, leadership, evolution and action taking on passionate entrepreneurs who dream big.

We create and host events, workshops, masterclasses, giveaways, and courses with the main players in the entrepreneurial, fashion, business, marketing and media industries to support entrepreneurs in building the business, brands and life of their dreams.

How often are TSFM events held?

We hold two main events every year. Dates differ every year and event so keep yourself in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter.

Are all TSFM events held online?

We were born in the middle of the pandemic so all of our events have been hosted online.

We love to reach such a broad international audience and community and we know we could only do this online.

Never the less, we are already planing to holding physical events in the future and increase the experience of our community.

I want to be part of the movement from the inside…

You want to be part of our team huh? We’d love to have you!

Just send us an email at info@mppastudio.com telling us how you think you can be an important addition to our team and to the vision.